About us

You know, even today when we are living in this crazy media and information filled environment there are still some things left in the world that only a handful of people have even heard about.

I stumbled upon one of those. The Camera Obscura. The predecessor of the camera we all know today. A device that can bring the outside inside by using only sunlight and some physics.

I have been a street photographer for most of my life catching fleeting moments on film on my travels around the world. My father was an avid photographer too when he was younger and from his photobook library, I first discovered the concept of the Camera Obscura. I did not make much of it at the time but later when I first saw Abelardo Morell’s Camera Obscura Room images my jaw dropped and I thought I must make one myself!

So, I first made one Camera Obscura room device to our bedroom just for me, my wife and our kids. After this I once watched my son who had just learned to stand up, standing in front of the upside down tree on the wall. He was trying to grab the leaves waving in the silent breeze. The tree was real to him.

We founded the Bonfoton store with my wife after we saw what the Camera Obscura room does to people emotionally when they see the effect for the first time. From a child only a few years old to a grandpa age 65 the amazement is the same. First a WOW! Or the OMG!? And then the silent stare when they realize that the image is alive and moving.

Based in Southern Finland we manufacture the Bonfoton Camera Obscura Room Lens by combining handmade and machine made parts in our home office/manufacturing site.

We do not claim to be a big company but what we do, we do with love.

Thanks for stopping by.