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About us

I have always loved sunlight. How it flickers on the ceiling when reflected from the river beside the house or how a prism opens the beam of white light to form a mesmerizing color spectrum on the wall. The warmth of it on my back.

I also love photography. How a single photograph can capture the deepest of the human emotions and record time in space so perfectly and yet so effortlessly.

Camera Obscura is a phenomenon that lets you enter inside a camera. To see what the camera sees and touch the image floating in thin air.

We wanted to help people experience this natural and quite essential physical effect that yet, so few people have even heard of.

In 2017 Bonfoton, a Finland based company was founded on this premise to create modern Camera Obscura devices so that anybody can have easy access to this magical aspect of light in the comfort of their own home.

After launching the site we have shipped Camera Obscura devices all over the world and could not be happier to hear how customers love the effect and Bonfoton products! So, here’s a BIG THANKS for all returning customers who are reading this. And new ones too! 

So many times, I heard the comment “wouldn’t it be cool if the image could be made right-side-up?” Yes! It really would be. This is why we created the BonfotonUP, the world’s first, and only device for creating a right-side-UP Camera Obscura Image!


Encouraged by the message from you, our customers, we are happy to continue bringing light into the dark.


Thank you



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